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About us

MUKTA ENGINEERS is an Enterprise based on the vision of providing environment friendly and cost effective, ventilation and roofing solutions to the Industry.

MUKTA ENGINEERS has been actualized by a strong management & fully motivated team of forward thinking professionals who excel in their line of activity.

MUKTA ENGINEERS is a team of technocrats having more than 15 years of Design, Consulting and Marketing experience and a well known figure with leading Pre Engineered Building Industries in India. Mr. Nilesh Sinha and team has been instrumental in creating and promoting the ‚€œMUKTA ENGINEERS‚€Ě BRAND of Natural Wind Driven Ventilators leading to more than 30,000 installations in India and Abroad.

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Air VentilatorS

Air Ventilation is the intentional movement of air from outside a building to the inside.

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Turbo ventilatorS

It is recognized by its inherent nature to utilize the natural force of wind to draw heat and moisture out of the roof.

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Wind VentilatorS

These Ventilators utilize wind and not electricity as their prime mover for effective ventilation.

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Roof VentilatorS

hese Ventilators constitute a system of noiselessly passing the outside air to the roof and attic space.

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Air VentilatorS Manufacturers And Suppliers In India

Air Ventilator
Air Ventilators

Air Ventilation is the intentional movement of air from outside a building to the inside. Air Ventilation used for providing acceptable indoor air quality. The vents or flues carry the impurities to be expelled from the building, in a way which does not cause harm to the occupants of the building. The centrifugal force generated by the spinning vanes, creates a low-pressure region which helps in suction of the air. Air drawn out by the suction action is continuously replaced by the fresh air from outside. Easy to install, these ventilators have very low maintenance cost.